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Tips For Tea


a preparation made by pouring near boiling water over the herb parts. Most effective for aerial (or above ground) portions of the plant, such as leaves, stems, fruits and flowers, though the woody parts (roots, bark and seeds) may be used if they are finely cut, or ground. Usually a ratio of 1 teaspoon of dried herbs to each cup of boiling water is sufficient. The infusion should be left for up to 10 minutes for optimum effect. This allows the hot water to extract the useful constituents from the plant. Infusions can then be drunk, applied externally, added to a bath, or used as a wash.


a preparation made by boiling the plant parts in water. This method is used for the 'woody' parts of a plant – the roots, bark, seeds, woody stems and some berries - though an infusion will work for these parts if they are finely cut or ground. A ratio of about 10g dried herb to each cup of water is used. This will reduce down by about a third during the decoction process. The pot is left to simmer on the stove for up to one hour. This preparation can now be drunk, applied externally, added to a bath, or used as a wash.


a hot pack applied to the skin, using a mixture of hot water and dried and chopped or ground herbs. Cut the plant parts into small pieces, or grind to a powdery consistency, and boil in a small amount of water. Squeeze out any excess liquid and spread onto affected area. Then apply gauze or muslin to hold the poultice in place. This method is often used to draw pus and dirt out of a wound.


a method used to accelerate healing of wounds or muscle injuries. A cloth pad is soaked in a hot infusion or decoction, squeezed out, and then applied directly to the affected area. This is usually done hot, but cold compresses can be used for headaches and some stomach conditions.


Your TEA MEDICA herbal tea can be safely enjoyed on a daily basis, and as an alternative to coffee or other caffeniated teas.  For a therapeutic effect, you are advised to drink 2-4 cups daily.  Should you have any concerns regarding your herb tea, and any specific medications or conditions, please consult a naturopath, or other health professional.

Thank you for choosing TEA MEDICA.
Enjoy your cuppa!

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