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The Beauty of Herbs

I am a mother of two, who has found in herbal medicine, an affordable and effective way of maintaining my own health and well-being, and that of my friends and family. Through the time honoured ritual of making a pot of tea, I discovered the beauty of herbal teas and their gentle, yet profound effect on my body and my state of mind.


TEA MEDICA is my gift to you

I am excited to share with you the knowledge and understanding of herbs which has been passed down over centuries, and which modern science is now proving relevant and viable. My vision for TEA MEDICA is to bring you the highest quality, Australian grown, organic, herbal teas – medicine grown by Australians, for Australians. Choosing TEA MEDICA is the natural, sustainable and responsible choice.


Buying Australian grown herbs means there are no nasty surprises

such as heat treatment or radiation treatment, as can occur with many imported dried herbs. Buying organic Australian grown means you can have faith that your medicine comes to you, just as nature intended it – no pesticides, no artificial growth promotants, no genetic modification of your medicines.


Choosing Australian grown, organic herb teas is the sustainable choice.

You are supporting the Australian herb growing industry. You are contributing to a cleaner, greener future for your children, and your children's children. You are ensuring your grandchildren will have clean water to drink, and healthy soils in which to grow their own food and medicine.


Choosing Australian grown, organic herbs is the responsible choice.

You can be assured that you are not supporting poor workplace practices in developing countries. You are protecting farm workers from exposure to pesticides and herbicides which can cause cancer and genetic mutations. You are ensuring that your medicines travel no unnecessary miles to get to you. At the time of launching, TEA MEDICA is able to offer about 85% of it's product line from Australian growers. With time, you can be assured this will increase to 100%. You can be confident that the information contained on this website regarding the country of origin of the herbs is accurate – if it's not from Australia, we'll tell you so. Thank you for choosing TEA MEDICA.


Enjoy your cuppa!

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